SS 2016 Collection

Spring Summer 2016 FRUGOO™ collection is INSTINCT – EXPERIMENT – DESIRE
It ‘a collection with no regrets: we are developing new projects and adding novelties to the collection, keeping the spirit of innovation, minimalism, comfort, that has always been typical of Frugoo.

Materials have been chosen instinctively for what they reminds of, such as drawings left by low tide on the sand, bark of the trees, soft touch of some velvety finishing.

We have experienced forms and combinations that overturn the concept of overlap garments. The funny mixes help getting the maximum use of Frugoo clothes, from the first pale light of spring, until the hot summer.

The desire of color gently glides into the collection and mixes the natural and mélange tones: there was only one way to introduce color in Frugoo collection without distorting it, rather making it even more unique.



SML by FRUGOO ™ is dedicated to all those who marry the FRUGOO™ concept and for the first time it also features some article for dads! Clothes are comfortable and volumes deliberately generous, for styles in the same high quality materials used by FRUGOO™