This project has been driven by three mainstreams.
The first one is the desire to make our children to meet a fairy tale world, both fantastic and real as its characters.
The second aim is to create not just a dress to wear but to invent a new game to wear.
The last one is the purpose to educate our children to respect animals and to know the endangered species that they could no longer meet in a natural habitat when adults.

I have chosen to pursue the creation of this collection with a minimal choice of materials, simple and geometric shapes, tones of natural colors. It is a small collection which could be unisex, although it has been developed in male and female segments as custom in commercial practice. First of all, the garments should be extremely comfortable; therefore jersey and fleece are largely used, whereas buttons and zippers rarely, so that when children grow up they may wear by themselves – buttons are often just a decorative choice as on patches or on cardigan. Thus, I designed everyday garments with very accurate appearance and details.

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