Autumn winter 2014.15 FRUGOO™ collection is designed for boys and girls from 0 to 8 years (mini 0-23 months and baby 2-8 years). Moreover an innovative capsule collection dedicated to new arrivals: FRUGOO™ MINIMINI for little ones from 0 to 6 months.

FRUGOO™ is faithful to the concept with which it was born and chooses high quality materials, which translates into garments worm as a soft embrace.
The quality of manufacture is made in Italy by those laboratories in which know-how and passion coexist.

For this new season, fabric selection is very wide and features a double jersey, a stretch knit and a pelouche jersey, used as alternative to fleece combining its versatility with a little extra fancy – knitted silk mixture with holes, for grunge effects – light-weight knit cashmere blend and sequins fully embroidered fabric, for a glam touch – coupled and woolen cloth fabrics, which allow to emphasize geometric patterns cured by expert hands.

Alongside the beloved natural shades, the color tones of grays, pinks, blues.

New about this season for FRUGOO™ is the cut and sew knitwear and the slightly padded jackets. Shapes privilege comfortable volumes and unstructured patterns, because FRUGOO™ password is “comfort”. For the same reason FRUGOO™ persists in choosing not to use zippers, but continually invent new ways to help the child to dress himself so that to stimulate growth of autonomy and hence self-esteem.

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