“The FRUGOO project has been driven by three mainstreams. The first one is the desire to make our children to meet a fairy tale world, both fantastic and real as its characters. The second aim is to create not just a dress to wear but to invent a new game to wear. The last one is the purpose to educate our children to respect animals and to know the endangered species that they could no longer meet in a natural habitat when adults”

The 4 goofy pets designed with very graphic traits animate the collection.
They are pets of rare animals – threatened by extinction, coming from all over the world : SIGH, the baby Saiga Antelope, FUMO, the baby Monk Seal, SETA, the baby Silky Sifaka Lemur and finally KAPO, the little white Kiwi.

The pets are the protagonists of a new fairy tale (which entitles the collection): Mapi – the cloud on which they fly.
It’s just a fairy tale specifically invented for the collection in order to give both parents and children the opportunity to play together an educational game according to the modern concept of educational entertainment: edutaiment.

Scanning with a smartphone or tablet the image on the hangtag – because everything in Frugoo world has a double life – you will be redirected through augmented reality to the new graphic fairy tale both designed and narrated; moreover the app to play with the pets and finally, for those somewhat grown up, the pictures of the animals, the description of the species and what is causing their extinction.