Frugoo has now grown up: it has increased the sizes range of the baby line (size 8 years has been added) and it presents the new born line (0-23months)!

Frugoo for the SS14 season is faithful to the concept with which it was born and chooses comfortable materials in natural shades, combining fresh and appealing touches of color: light cotton jersey and thin stretch fleece are the main fabrics, furthermore new fabrics have been used – a lightweight knit and a jacquard sweater with fake holes – to achieve unstructured effects. Finally a soft double jersey have been choosen for the little ones, and we don’t miss the tulle, 100% cotton for the newborn. The bright colors – lime, fuchsia and indigo  – go side by side with the pearl gray and the ecru: just missing the sea breeze to feel on vacation!

Many items could be unisex, for comfortable volumes and fluid appearance: once again this has allowed us to focus on the autonomy (and thus the growth of self-esteem) of children learning to dress themselves, so all the pants have elastic waist (no zip).

The characterization is cured, but minimal: inside all the items there’s a soft cotton muslin ribbon applied – printed with the logo and the main characters of the story. This has allowed us to eliminate the main label, always annoying.

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