“The FRUGOO™ project has been driven by the desire to make our children to meet a fairy tale world to invent a new game to wear”.

Four goofy pets animate the FRUGOO™ collection.

Directing the smartphone or tablet camera towards the image on the FRUGOO™ hangtag – hangtag that turns into a bookmark – you will be redirected through augmented reality to the fairy tales having the four puppies as main characters.

Puppies are the protagonists of prints and characterization of FRUGOO™ collection.

Inside all the items there’s a soft cotton muslin ribbon – printed with the logo and the main characters of the tale.

The collection FRUGOO™ is designed for children from 0 to 99 years…!

FRUGOO™ MINIMINI is the special capsule collection dedicated to newborn from 0 to 18 months. This season it is enhanced by gifts, which are lovely as puppets and necessary as cuddles.

FRUGOO ™ MINI was born to dress children from 3 to 36 months simultaneously with both creativity and simplicity.

FRUGOO BABY ™ doesn’t change the way of dressing for boys and girls from 2 to 12 years, as kids still need to easily play in all occasions.

SML by FRUGOO ™ is dedicated to all those who marry the FRUGOO™ concept and for the first time it also features some article for dads! Clothes are comfortable and volumes deliberately generous, for styles in the same high quality materials used by FRUGOO™.

FRUGOO™ X is dedicated to a wide range of accessories having minimal and handcrafted taste.